Founder, Les Deux Amies

Caroline Remy

Caroline Remy and Adeline de Boismenu, two friends from France founded Les Deux Amies a responsibly sourced, social caterer of French Crepes and Gallettes in London. Their goal is to create French specialty food with locally sourced ingredients from Britain. Using only seasonal ingredients in our crêpes and galettes, they also minimise their impact on the environment by sourcing them from responsible food producers. They have also recently now launched their yummy salted butter caramel sauce and sell it in shops across London. A good way for us to bring a bit of sweetness to each Londoners’ Home. "Each ingredient, and each product has its own story and we want to make sure you’ll know everything about where each product has come from. Les Deux Amies will transform any event into a sensational food experience, bringing the “art de vivre” with every bite. We source the freshest produce to create our delicious recipes, ensuring your experience is authentic and a source of pride".

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